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18 December 2014

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The Other Christmas Truce - 1915

TRUCE Football

After nearly a year of remembrance of the 1st World War most of us already know the story of the Christmas Truce of 1914, when British, French and German troops sang carols together across 'No Man's Land' and rose from their trenches to play football and exchange gifts. It has been written about and dramatised in plays and films, pop videos and songs. This year the truce even provided the theme for a Sainsbury's TV commercial.

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Exciting Musical Courses for 2015

Here are a few singing, ukulele and songwriting courses from Suyra and Elaine for you to consider over the holidays….

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Christmas Damage Limitation Guide

There are several reasons why most of us will gain weight through December and it's not just because we're surrounded by more fat- and sugar-laden food than usual. Motivation to exercise plummets, and whilst we may excuse ourselves because we're…

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