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21 July 2016

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What is an Eton Mess?

Eton v Harrow

For those of us who are not cock-eyed optimists an Eton Mess is a political 'snafu' headed up by a bunch of Bullingdon Club toffs who persuade us to take a referendum on our membership of the European Union. Then once we, the ignorati, have made our decision they all bail out, leaving us with no idea of what to do or where to go. It is rather like General Eisenhower dropping the allied troops on the Normandy beaches on D Day and then saying, “Well lads, here we are. Berlin is… er… that way. Off you go!”

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Orleans House Summer Family Fun 2016

Create and make together poster

Join us this summer for an exciting series of new family workshops and walks exploring the heritage, stories and surroundings of Orleans House Gallery.

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Deer Park School Planning Application


We are delighted to announce that a planning application for Deer Park School's permanent facilities has been submitted to the Borough of Richmond. As part of a wider development lead by family supermarket Lidl UK at Ryde House, the government have committed investment into the future pupils at Deer Park School with this exciting mixed use development. It will provide a wonderful facility for pupils to learn with the best teachers, enjoy their school days and succeed in an environment that enables a love for learning.

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