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11 September 2014

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The Urban Fox

URBAN FOXES   urban foxes

We've all seen them, heard them and probably even smelt them too. To some they are an urban delight. To others they are a cursed nuisance. They are the Urban Fox and there is probably some living in or near your backyard right now.

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Headstart Uni - What Your Child REALLY Needs to Take to University

A Headstart Uni cooking workshop

St Margarets parent Hilary Thomson found the one thing her child needed wasn't available from any shop…

Freshers week looms and, in anticipation, retailers are queuing up to sell soon-to-be students everything from calculators to colanders, not to mention overdrafts and credit cards. At the big Sainsbury's in Hampton last weekend, the aisles were crowded with young people and slightly stressed-looking parents piling up trolleys with duvets and giant packs of pasta. At Ikea last week they ran out of tin openers. Imagine.

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Event Reminder: Space to Be's Day of Mindfulness - 25 October 2014

This autumn Space to Be will be offering a Day of Mindfulness on 25 October 2014 and two mindfulness taster sessions on Wednesday, November 5th and Monday, December 8th at the Emmanuel Centre, at the back of St James Catholic…

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Help a Local Filmmaker Make His London Symphony

LS 04 - Lion

A brand new silent film about the culture and diversity of London, is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign on 16 September 2014

LONDON SYMPHONY is a poetic journey through the city of London, including St Maragets, exploring its vast diversity of culture, religion and design via its various modes of transportation. It is both a cultural snapshot and a creative record of London as it stands today. The point is not only to immortalise the city, but also to celebrate its community and diversity.

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