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17 July 2014

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Sun Draws Record Crowds to the 2014 St Margarets Fair

Dog Show. Disabled dog Patch with owner Glyn Roberts

Soaring temperatures and sunshine meant the event enjoyed its biggest ever attendance.

Visitors were treated to a full day of attractions and activities including a local schools' 5-a-side football tournament, dance, a dog show (pictured), tennis taster lessons, a karate display and karting.

The all-day live music programme included the St Margarets Elastic Band, the Richmond Music Trust Soul Band (pictured), Speakeazy, West London Brass, Twickenham Operatic Society, rock n' roll band Nark Drool & The Shudders and Americana 60s and 70s band The Deputies.

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The Creatures of an Hour

school holidays

Our song is done, we must be gone,
No longer can we stay.

God bless you all, both great and small,

And we wish you a happy day.

There was a time in living memory when most children knew and could repeat by heart a collection of schoolyard verses and doggerel. Some of the poems were pure nonsense as in…

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Thames Water Re-pollutes River Just Two Days After it Pays Fine for 2011 Spill

Thames Water fined £75,000 + costs for 2011 sewage spill…

On the 30th October 2011 an estimated 10,000 fish were killed in the River Crane following a major pollution incident due to a failed Thames Water sewage sluice gate.

Thames Water immediately accepted responsibility and also pledged £400,000 over a five year period to the Crane Valley Partnership (CVP) to work towards restoring and improving the river.

On Friday 27 June 2014, the company was fined £75,000 + costs in a court case brought by the Environment Agency (see News Release). In considering his sentencing, the judge at Isleworth Crown Court took into account the early admission of guilt by Thames Water and the money pledged to assist in the restoration and recovery of the river and subsequently reduced the fine from an original £300,000.

— from

… two days later it pollutes the river again…

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Isleworth Promenade Tidy-up - 1 and 3 August 2014

isleworth pomenade

On the 1 and 3 August 2014, a team lead by the Thames Landscape Strategy and SWLEN will be cutting back some of the plants that have encroached on the path and reducing the view of the river. Conserving the biodiversity is of high concern though, so don't worry about losing important beasties and flora!

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Photos: 2014 St Margarets Fair

The 2014 St Margarets Fair

What a day, what a fair.

With the best weather in years, thousands flocked to Moormead Park to enjoy the 2014 St Margarets Fair. We took a few photos, until our camera died. Please email us at if you want to share any of your photos.

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