Update: Twickerati's Report on the Gloriana Council Cabinet Meeting - 9 July 2014

The Twickerati website has been closely following the Gloriana story and has a huge amount of interesting and often funny comments. They also provided a nice summary of the extra Richmond Council Cabinet meeting held on 9 July 2014 in Clarendon Hall.

El Brute’s Council Cabinet meeting last night saw extensive discussion about the Gloriana. Here are some observations we made watching it online but you can see it for yourself here: www.richmond.public-i.tv

Lord True said he commissioned the feasibility study for providing a home for Gloriana. As we know, he’s a big fan of the scheme. Susan Chappell proposed amendments around providing further information about playground moves, traffic surveys and the operating model. An extension to the consultation was also proposed…

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10 July 2014 | news



Rumours abound that TFL actually made a site visit to the footbridge
last Friday! The first since the public funded body formulated the
proposal and entered into a stakeholder consultation. In any other
business, I would say this lacked due diligence, logic and
professionalism but then again TFL is a quango. Coincidentally, all the
children’s artwork was removed from the footbridge during the same

So, what now? To keep this campaign front and centre, It is time for
individuals to contact lead decision makers personally. Many concerned
residents and parents have already directly communicated with the major
players, but the campaign would welcome anything you could do too! You
may have your own story to tell about crossing the A316; you may be a
concerned parent or resident; or maybe you are a concerned stakeholder,
such as school, business, or community organisation. TFL should hear
from all of you.

Those who will make the decisions are TFLs Managing Director of Surface
Transport, Leon Daniels and the mayor, Boris Johnson. So, please keep
this campaign alive and make a difference.

Alison hawkings at 23 July 2014 11:21 AM

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