Planning Permission Refused for Hand Car Wash

On the 16th February 2007 the Richmond Council Planning Committee refused permission for a proposed hand car wash to be located near the Book Data building on the A316.

The refusal was for five planning reasons:

  1. detrimental impact on the open character of the land
  2. traffic impact
  3. no flood risk assessment
  4. no groundwater and pollution protection plan
  5. no local wildlife impact assessment

For all the details, read the Committee’s letter here (PDF).

27 February 2007 | news


The application was in fact rejected by officers for the stated reasons under delegated powers so there was no need for it to go to committee.

The applicants do however have a right of appeal and may excercise it, as they have in the past, there for we must be vigilant and ready to continue to oppose it

Cllr Ben Khosa

Ben Khosa at 28 February 2007 2:23 PM

As one of the residents who opposed this, thank you to the ward councillors for their support, it was much appreciated.

karen pengelly at 29 March 2007 1:14 PM

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