Council Fires Its Town Centre Managers

On the 30th of October, St Margarets Councillor, Simon Lamb fired the borough’s three highly respected town centre managers, including St Margaret’s resident, Karen Pengelly, who was the Richmond Town Centre Manager. The reason given was to save money; however, at the same time they fired the managers, they created a fund with 2/3rds of the money saved going to an ‘initiative fund’ for local businesses to fund events. The resulting savings to the Council is only £20,000.

The decision has been met with uniform anger from local business to our local MP, Dr. Vincent Cable. The role of the town centre manager was to work with help local businesses and residents by creating a sense of community by jointly funding special events and helping improve the town centres for all to enjoy. St Margarets benefited from Karen Pengelly’s help in receiving civic pride grants for Christmas Trees, Hanging Flower Baskets and helping market and organise the two street fairs in Crown Road this year alone.

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I think it is a disgrace that they are doing away with the very people who actually deliver and help the community. They do the job with one hand tied behind their backs get no thanks from the councillors who only pamper to a very small minority of puffed up local friends/residents.

The job the Town Centre managers have done to date is one that no one at the council is capable of doing and given that Mr Lamb is not a local to St Margarets I suggest he thinks very carefully about his position given the local elections. Incidentally, what has he ever done for us?

The Special One at 8 November 2005 10:18 AM

It is said the sackings will save them 10 or £20 thousand, a small amount and even more so when they have just approved spending over £200,000 on lighting up Richmond Bridge

BEN KHOSA at 10 November 2005 8:37 AM

I am very sad to hear about these sackings. Esther Worboys the Twickenham town centre manager and Karen Pengelly were of enormous help to the organisers of the St Margarets Autumn Fair. Their help and adivice were invaluable and the fair would not have been as good as it was without their help and wealth of experience.

Kim Hare at 11 November 2005 10:31 AM

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