Misquoted Apology Correction

I have failed in my attempt to get an apology or correction regarding the article I was misquoted in in the Richmond & Twickenham Times. The writer for the piece and the group editor did not seem terribly willing to even discuss the matter. So after a few emails they have decided to publish a simple correction about my designation of ‘local resident’ but no mention of the mis-characterisation.

“… there is clearly no point in prolonging this matter and what we are prepared to do at this juncture to settle the matter is carry a note of clarification in this week’s paper merely pointing out that you are editor of the St Margaret’s website.”

— email from Paul Mortimer, Group Editor, Newsquest

I told them the point was not as much my designation, but making it appear that I supported the wine bar. They haven’t responded — last time I talk to them I think.

Look for the “correction” tomorrow.

20 October 2005 | Category » editorial


Serves you right for swanning off to New York! You should have been here minding the shop…

Nigel at 20 October 2005 3:52 PM

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