The Angels of Mons

4th Bn Royal Fusiliers 22 August 1914

“‘Heaven’s Knight, aid us!’

And as the soldier heard these voices he saw before him, beyond the trench, a long line of shapes, with a shining about them. They were like men who drew the bow, and with another shout their cloud of arrows flew singing and tingling through the air towards the German hosts.”

ARTHUR MACHEN ‘The Bowmen’ pub. 29th Sept 1914

The British Expeditionary Force, the BEF, had its first major encounter with the German Army, the ‘Deutsches Heer’, near Mons in Belgium on the 22nd/23rd of August 1914. Although they were heavily outnumbered the British troops were able to hold the Germans back for about 24 hours until eventually forced into a rapid retreat. Following this sobering experience the British public began to realise that defeating Germany was not going to be as easy as they first thought.

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Londoners Invited to Visit Capital's Hidden Gems

Ride n Stride Richmond 2014

Get on your bikes or put your best foot forward to raise much needed funds for London’s places of worship!

On Saturday 20 September 2014, Londoners are invited to walk, run or cycle to visit religious buildings. The less energetic can also take part as many of these buildings are on major public transport routes, so top up your Oyster cards now!

Local community groups, congregations, friends, school groups, family and individuals will all be getting out and about to see as many places of worship as possible in one day - by bike, on foot, or by public transport. This is a wonderful opportunity to dust off your hiking boots, bicycles, running shoes or Oyster cards and set out to discover some of London’s amazing faith buildings.

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Hill View Road and Pavement Improvements

hillview road plan

As a part of our Borough wide programme to improve roads and pavements we will be carrying out footway maintenance works in Hill View Road, Twickenham. The works will generally consist of re-laying defective kerbs and footway surface repairs.

We also intend to widen the pavement on the southside of the road from the bridge to the junction of Moor Mead Road to allow for easier pedestrian access due to the tree roots which have caused the pavement to become uneven.

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An Ice Rink at Strawberry Hill House

We are pleased to announce that this year Richmond Rink is moving to the beautiful setting of Strawberry Hill House. We will be able to provide more facilities, with a slightly larger rink, and with the wonderful backdrop of the…

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Gloriana Boathouse Plans in Marble Hill Dropped

Earlier this year, following a feasibility study which considered various sites in the Borough, Richmond Council opened a consultation on a possible site for a home for The Queen’s Rowbarge, Gloriana, on the site of the former Orleans House boatyard…

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The Urban Fox

URBAN FOXES   urban foxes

We’ve all seen them, heard them and probably even smelt them too. To some they are an urban delight. To others they are a cursed nuisance. They are the Urban Fox and there is probably some living in or near your backyard right now.

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Headstart Uni - What Your Child REALLY Needs to Take to University

A Headstart Uni cooking workshop

St Margarets parent Hilary Thomson found the one thing her child needed wasn’t available from any shop…

Freshers week looms and, in anticipation, retailers are queuing up to sell soon-to-be students everything from calculators to colanders, not to mention overdrafts and credit cards. At the big Sainsbury’s in Hampton last weekend, the aisles were crowded with young people and slightly stressed-looking parents piling up trolleys with duvets and giant packs of pasta. At Ikea last week they ran out of tin openers. Imagine.

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Event Reminder: Space to Be's Day of Mindfulness - 25 October 2014

This autumn Space to Be will be offering a Day of Mindfulness on 25 October 2014 and two mindfulness taster sessions on Wednesday, November 5th and Monday, December 8th at the Emmanuel Centre, at the back of St James Catholic…

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